A plate, series of plates, comb, tube, bar, or other device that projects into the airstream about a body to break up or spoil the smoothness of the flow, especially such a device that projects from the upper surface of an airfoil, giving an increased drag and a decreased lift. Spoilers are normally movable and consist of two basic types: the flap spoiler, which is hinged along one edge and lies flush with the airfoil or body when not in use, and the retractable spoiler, which retracts edgewise into the body. In some cases, spoilers are linked to the ailerons and work in unison with the ailerons for improved lateral control at low speeds. In some aircraft, they have replaced ailerons. The spoilers are used as airbrakes, lift dampers, and a means of lateral control.
A vertical spoiler projects upward into the airstream.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.


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